• Umbria in Ape Rental Noleggio Vespe Noleggio Scooter Noleggio Ape Calessino
  • Umbria in Ape Rental Noleggio Vespe Noleggio Scooter Noleggio Ape Calessino
  • Umbria in Ape Rental Noleggio Vespe Noleggio Scooter Noleggio Ape Calessino
  • Umbria in Ape Rental Noleggio Vespe Noleggio Scooter Noleggio Ape Calessino
  • Umbria in Ape Rental Noleggio Vespe Noleggio Scooter Noleggio Ape Calessino
  • Umbria in Ape Rental Noleggio Vespe Noleggio Scooter Noleggio Ape Calessino

Rent Ape Calessino with driver for events, excursions with guide, bus-navetta services.

One day rental (1) is considered 24 hours from the delivery of the scooter.
Due to other customers bookings, please note that if the scooter is returned later than agreed, you will be charged an additional all day rental price however if the delay is more than 12 hours a 24 hours hire cost will be charged
  • Anti-theft kit,
  • A free map of Umbria
  • Full tank
  • Standard third party insurance. The renter is fully responsible for his/her health and total value of vehicle. To reduce thisdeductible amount to €500.00 an extra insurance can be purchased for the amount of €10 for all rental period. This option must be taken prior to the start of rental.
  • Pick up and drop off from and to your accomodation
  • Delivery of the scooter to your accomodation
  • Fines
  • Fuel

Please note that if the vheiclols is not returned with a full tank, we will charge an additional €20 fee to cover the petrol cost. For your convenience there is a petrol station just 2 miutes away.

  • Be over 18 years old
  • A valid ID card or passport
  • A valid full driving license (car or motorbike license)
  • A valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • A good scooter, vespa riding experience
Veheicle is located under the conditions described in the lease agreement.
Has received a copy of the booklet and insurance mark and is obliged to show it to the authorities and the law enforcement agencies upon its request.
Do not use the Veheicle on gravel roads, on highways or freeways, for competition and / or for uses that are not allowed the applicable laws.
Failure to follow these restrictions will make the renter solely liable for any damage to Veheicle.
  1. Umbria in Ape Rental is available to all persons over 18 years of age. Persons below this age limit cannot rent any vehicle from this Company.
  2. Vehicle shall not be hired out to any persons being under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants or whose behavior indicates substantial risk of causing damage in case of vehicle rental.
  3. Prior to vehicle rental, the Renter is obliged to sign a statement in which he/she undertakes to rent the Vehicle on his/her own responsibility and at his/her own risk.
  4. In the event of health loss or damage the Renter shall not demand any compensation from the Owner.
  5. The Renter shall be held fully responsible for any damage to the Vehicle.
  6. The  Renter  shall  be  held  responsible  for  any  possible  injuries  whether his own or the passenger’s (or any third party’s) caused by not adjusting the speed to the existing road conditions and to the skills of the person operating the Vehicle. All damages resulting from inappropriate use of the rented Vehicle shall be covered by the Renter.
  7. The  Renter shall  comply  with  the  provisions  of  road  traffic regulations while using the Vehicle.
  8. The Renter and the passenger must wear helmets while using the Vehicle.
  9. The Renter must be in possession of his ID Card and Driving License and make it available to the Owner or his representative.
  10.  The Renter is obliged to refrain from drinking alcohol and taking any other intoxicants prior to or while operating the Vehicle.
  11. One vehicle can be used by a maximum of four people.
  12.  Every Renter will be briefly trained in operating and driving the Vehicle. The signing of the agreement confirms having undergone such training by the Renter.
  13. The Vehicle has third party liability insurance covering damage to persons and property.
  14. Should the Vehicle be damaged or fail to operate, the Renter agrees to notify the Owner immediately.
  15. Should the Vehicle be stolen or damaged, the Renter shall be liable for rental property and agrees to:
a) notify immediately the Owner about the situation
b) safeguard the property against further damage or loss
c) undergo all liability procedures connected with the damage and participate in the settlement of damages, should the Renter fail to indicate the culprit or should the culprit remain unidentified by the Police.
  16. The Renter undertakes to return the Vehicle with a full tank of petrol and in good technical condition. Upon the return of the Vehicle the Owner shall examine the condition of the Vehicle in the Renter’s presence, following which both parties shall sign the vehicle Rental/Return Form.
  17. The Renter shall return the Vehicle together with the hired accessories at the time specified in the Rental Agreement
  18. Should the Renter fail to return the Vehicle later than two hours over the time specified in the Rental Agreement and fail to contact the Owner, the Owner may report the situation to appropriate legal authorities.
  19. The Vehicle must not be used by any third parties without the consent of the Owner.