According to some, the name comes from the goddess Murcia. In 1027 the village church is mentioned in a document of Corrado il Salico, who maintained possession of the monastery of San Pietro in Perugia. The Castle of Morcella was donated in 1328 by Ludwig of Bavaria to the Counts of Marsciano, as a gift for the help offered during the conflict with Henry VII. In 1310 an assault led by the Libriotto of Portasole from Perugia was stopped ; However the castle fell within the jurisdiction of the county of Perugia “Porta San Pietro”. The county avoided taxation several times so as to be able to finance the reconstruciton. Other sieges took place in 1534, by Baldassarre della Staffa, and in 1643, with the Florentines Mattia de Medici camped in San Biagio della Valle:the residents could break free anly after paying a ransom.